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I work hard today for a better tomorrow!


I work hard today for a better tomorrow!


                                                      318 East Boston Street, 2nd Floor 

                                                              Covington, LA 70433 (985) 898-2755

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I am running to be your next Louisiana Supreme Court Justice from District 1 (St. Tammany, Washington, Tangipahoa, St. Helena, and parts of East  and West Jefferson, Lake view in Orleans Parishes). Justice Greg Guidry is rapidly moving through his confirmation in the US Senate. He will move to the federal court in the next month or so, and will resign from the Supreme Court. The Governor will call a special election to replace him. So, we don't know when that election will be, but we must start campaigning now! I anticipate that I will be challenged by two sitting judges-- whose campaigns will be primarily financed by lawyers now appearing before them, and who hope to be later arguing before a Supreme Court Justice who might remember their generosity! I have always despised that process! I am not taking a penny from anyone--not lawyers, not family, not businesses, not friends! I will be totally independent. A Supreme Court Justice's job is to review the work of the judges in the lower courts to determine if they are properly applying the law. Sitting judges are surrounded daily by other judges, often their closest friends, and these relationships can cloud an impartial assessment of their work by judge moving up to a higher court. That concern is not meant to be criticism of anyone in particular, but only acknowledges human tendencies. I do not have that problem--I do not socialize with judges, and have never feared to challenge and criticize them when I think they are wrong. And, as you will see as the campaign develops, I for that reason have my detractors. So what? I would rather be respected than liked. I recall that one of my clients a few years ago overheard a conversation in the courthouse hallway between a judge's law clerk and a new lawyer. The young lawyer upon seeing me asked, " Is that Richard Ducote? What's his deal?" The clerk replied, "Yes, he's a real pain in the ass, but he knows what he is doing!" I'll take that reputation any day. Let's get to work. Please send a link to my website to all of your friends, and I'll keep you updated. Thank you for your interest and help.

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February 17, 2019                                                             Richard Ducote                                                          



Juvenile Probation Officer, Lawyer, Teacher, Law Reformer, Scholar - Always fighting for Constitutional Justice and Protection.

A Lifetime Preparation for the Supreme Court Justice

A lifetime has prepared him to serve you as your Supreme Court Justice.

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